Eltisley Manor is a registered psychiatric nursing care home located near to St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

Eltisley Manor Rehabilitation Hospital


Cambridge Road, Eynesbury Hardwicke, St Neots, PE19 6SR

Hospital Manager: Olivia Ndoro
Telephone: 01480 881 001
Fax: 01480 880 805

Hospital Manager: Olivia Ndoro

The independence to progress, the support to achieve.

Etisley Nursing Care Home Living Area
Etisley Nursing Care Home Piano
Etisley Nursing Care Home Bedroom

There are three distinct services provided at Eltisley Manor:

The Orchard

With accommodation for 18 residents both male and female aged 18+, we provide specialist care for individuals with complex mental health issues in a settled environment while they address the challenges of a return to independent living.

The Limes

Placements for 15 male and female residents aged 50+, whose advancing years exclude them from many psychiatric services while their enduring mental illness excludes them from ‘regular’ nursing homes.

With residents’ quality of life at the core, a primary focus is to avoid further institutionalisation by encouraging increased independence to the level that each individual can achieve.

The Coach House

Our residential home for people nearing the end of their rehabilitation.

St Neots Chruch
St Neots Sign
St Neots Park
St Neots Home

Our residents often present multiple clinical issues with complex interactions and interdependencies. Their disorder may be treatment resistant, leaving the person with significant neurocognitive and motivational deficits and progressive social withdrawal and deterioration. The semi-rural nature of the neighbourhood at Eltisley Manor appears to be particularly attractive to those who need a quiet setting in which to regroup and progress in a less pressurised environment.

Their histories may reflect significant alcohol and/or substance misuse. They often have histories of repeated or prolonged periods of inpatient admission leading to institutionalisation. These people need considerable understanding, support, motivation and psychological care if they are to successfully make the transition from inpatient care to living either independently in the community or long-term supported accommodation.

They often benefit from gradual and graded steps towards accepting responsibility for their own care and welfare.   Within Nouvita there are clearly defined care pathways to our other services each with increasing levels of independence/individual responsibility and specialist programmes – see Howe Dell Manor, Baldock Manor, Winnett Cottage, Windsor House.

All potential residents are comprehensively assessed before admission to Eltisley Manor. The assessment is a process rather than a single event. The potential resident may visit Eltisley Manor several times during the assessment process. This would provide the opportunity to determine whether the person satisfies the formal admission criteria, which are:

  • Aged 21 years or above (the Home is registered for the elderly).
  • Suffering from enduring mental disorder (excluding primary diagnoses of learning difficulty and dementia).
  • Any learning difficulty is mild and not the primary diagnosis.
  • Any alcohol or substance misuse is not the primary diagnosis and the individual is prepared to be abstinent from their substance(s) of misuse during their period of residency. Staff will work with the resident to help them achieve this aim.
  • There is an identified clinical team prepared to supervise the clinical management and treatment of the individual in the community and that a current CPA Plan is in place which includes admission to Eltisley Manor.
  • Current Risk Assessment indicates that the risks in the areas of relapse to illness, non-compliance, self-harm, substance misuse, relapse to any offending behaviour and absconding are reasonable and manageable within Eltisley Manor.
  • Current risk of fire setting is assessed as low.
  • An individual with a history of high profile offending may be admitted providing the clinical team and local services can satisfy Eltisley Manor that adequate measures have been taken to contain the risks of distress which may be caused to the resident, other residents, the local community and staff induced by aggressive and intrusive media interest. There must be an adequate Media and Publicity Containment Plan in such instances.
  • The individual is prepared to accept the rules and conditions of residence of Eltisley Manor and sign the resident’s contract.
  • The person is compatible with the other residents and they are prepared to attend the weekly Community Meetings.
  • Eltisley Manor staff can develop a good working relationship with the resident’s clinical team.
  • Ministry of Justice or other relevant authority approve of the placement.  In appropriate instances, MAPPA are involved.
  • Most importantly, the individual wants to reside at Eltisley Manor.

With 24-hour qualified staffing, Eltisley Manor’s primary aim is to help people with enduring mental health problems find a comfortable refuge in which to improve the quality of their lives and/or make a gradual transition to an appropriate level of independent living.

Eltisley Manor focuses on meeting the residential, psychological care, nursing and support needs of those suffering from enduring mental disorder that are seeking a settled long term placement or endeavouring to return to life in the community, often after a prolonged period of illness or hospitalisation.

Residents will find that the opportunities for rehabilitation naturally complement the treatment programmes started in a wide range of mental health care hospitals and settings.

The facility provides a stepping stone to the community for service users in the final stages of working towards supported or independent living in the community.

In order to combat institutionalisation, residents are encouraged to become progressively more independent, while still having the support structure of highly qualified and experienced staff.

The main building lends itself naturally to being conveniently divided into different functional areas. Each floor is operated independently and the separate ‘house’ provides the next step transition, facilitating greater independence.

Eltisley Manor places great emphasis on the importance of residents developing hobbies and taking part in social and leisure activities as well as the clinical programmes.

The primary focus of the service is to provide care and treatment in the form of motivation, support and psychological intervention. Maximising the quality of life of residents is core to the functioning of the facility. The Eltisley staff together with the local clinical team and the resident themselves formulate care plans and ensure that the Care Programme Approach Plan is proceeding appropriately using the tenets of the Recovery Star outcome measurement resource.

Each resident has an individual programme which is derived from the Risk Assessments (HCR20 or Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health) and identified individual needs.  The individual programme combines practical actual daily living skills, with a therapeutic group and individual sessions to address the above.  The current programme includes Relapse Prevention, Medication and its side effects, Mental Health Awareness, Alcohol & Substance Misuse Awareness; menu planning, gardening club, socialisation skills.

These sessions can be delivered in individual or group formats as appropriate.

All residents have a Care Programme Approach Plan, developed by the clinical team in conjunction with Eltisley Manor staff.  Communication between all parties is paramount and internally each resident has a Named Nurse, Key Worker and Night link so there is always a member of their specific team on duty.  We endeavour to ensure that the resident’s Named Nurse and Manager/Deputy attend all formal CPA meetings.

The residents’ journeys are at the heart of all we do.  Here is one of our success stories:

Mr P

Mr P had been in institutions since his teenage years. He has a diagnosis of mental illness and personality disorder.  He had spent long periods of time in high and medium secure placements and had always said that he would live out his days in the medium secure placement where he was before being referred to Eltisley Manor.  With intensive support during the period of transition, which occurred over a matter of months, staff were able to work with Mr P to manage his anxieties about the change.  He was able to settle into the new environment and become integrated into the local area, accessing local facilities in the nearby town of St Neots.


Download our Eltisley Manor brochure to find out more:


Download our Eltisley Manor brochure to find out more: