The Coach House provides a vital stepping stone for individuals that are nearing the end of their rehabilitation and are about to be discharged into the community but require support with their transition.

Eltisley Manor Hospital Coach House


Cambridge Road, Eynesbury Hardwicke, St Neots PE19 6SR

Manager: Olivia Ndoro

Telephone: 01480 881 001
Fax: 01480 880 805

Manager: Olivia Ndoro

Mental health rehabilitation in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

Etisley Manor Coach House Residential Care Bedroom
Etisley Manor Coach House Residential Care Living Area

Our clients may suffer from long term mental illness and have complex mental health issues. Their histories may reflect significant neuro-cognitive and motivational defects and progressive social withdrawal and deterioration.

Our clients’ histories may reflect significant alcohol and/or substance misuse. They often have histories of repeated or prolonged periods of inpatient admission leading to institutionalization. Placements are available for 4 male or female residents aged 18 and over.

The service provides a transition from The Orchard to further independence, all with the support of a familiar staff team.

Residents will benefit from:

  • Vocational opportunities
  • Relapse intervention support
  • Self-medication
  • Self-catering
  • Community activities
  • Budgeting skills
  • Support to manage their own finances
St Neots Chruch
St Neots Sign
St Neots Park
St Neots Home