If you are unable to find the service or condition that you are looking for, or would like to speak to somebody regarding the services that Nouvita offer, then please call us on 01462 490311 or email info@nouvita.co.uk

Nouvita can offer specialised in patient support and treatment for adults with attention deficit disorder. We have skilled and expert professionals who are experienced in working in this area.

Nouvita can offer specialised and bespoke treatment packages for people who fall into the spectrum and who may have complex needs and co-existing mental health needs.

Nouvita specialise in offering continuing complex care for those whose needs cannot be met within mainstream mental health services. We provide individually tailored support that promotes and encourages recovery. All our units are situated within ideal community settings that allow for easy access and reintegration.

Our experienced and skilled professionals offer a range of CBT focussed interventions such as drug and alcohol programmes.

We offer physical exercise programmes across all our services with our personal trainers and sports therapists who are passionate about the impact of physical activity on improving mental health.

At Nouvita we are committed to ensuring that our service users are able to practice the faith of their choice, whether they are able to access this in the community or may need this to be facilitated within their own environment.

At Nouvita we have a specialised service to support and treat the needs of those diagnosed with Korsakoffs syndrome.

Nouvita are able to offer a home for life for those with a learning disability who may have complex needs and mental health issues. We also have a locked rehabilitation inpatient service to meet the needs of those who may be detained under the mental health act or may have forensic histories.

We can offer individualised bespoke support and treatment for those with serious enduring mental illnesses and possible forensic histories either within continuing care settings or locked rehabilitation for those who may be detained under the mental health act.

Nouvita has experienced staff that work well supporting those with personality disorders, helping them to recover and reintegrate.

The Reasoning & Rehabilitation (R&R) programme is an internationally accredited, evidence-based, multi-faceted, cognitive-behavioral program for teaching the cognitive skills, social skills and values that are required for prosocial competence. R&R provides twenty, highly structured, manualised, two hour sessions for adults who are evidencing antisocial behaviors or delinquent or criminal behavior. It was developed in Canada.

Nouvita offer a dedicated women’s service that can support women with long term complex mental health difficulties.