Baldock Manor Hospital offers treatment in locked rehabilitation for Men and Women with mental illness, acquired brain injury, degenerative brain disorders (including Huntington’s disease), early onset dementia (as a secondary diagnosis) and elderly forensic.

Baldock Manor Rehabilitation Hospital


4 London Road, Baldock, SG7 6ND

Hospital Director:  Shaun Francis
Telephone: 01462 491 951
Fax: 01462 893 282

Shaun has 25 years’ experience as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, gaining knowledge and experience in the private sector across the full spectrum of Mental Health, including Secure Services, Adolescent Services, ABI, and ASD Services at various levels of management including setting up successful new Services.

Shaun is passionate about Women’s Services, including women with Personality Disorders, ASD, Eating Disorders and complex mental health needs.

He is committed to providing clear care pathways that enable users of our Mental Health Services to be at the centre of and fully involved in their recovery journey, with a strong emphasis on successful discharge, and documenting measurable outcomes for the users of our service, whilst forging strong relationships with referring teams.

Dr Akinkunmi is a 1986 graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. Following service with the Brigade of Guards of the Nigerian Army, he moved to the United Kingdom where he undertook specialist training in Psychiatry and higher training in Forensic Psychiatry in London. He gained a Masters degree in Law from Cardiff University in 1999.

He worked as a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist in the National Health Service for more than 10 years, initially at Camlet Lodge Medium Secure Unit (where he also served as Clinical Director), and later at the Rollo May Long Term Medium Secure Unit (the first of its kind in the NHS). He moved to the Independent Sector in 2006, and worked at Cygnet Hospital Stevenage, a medium secure hospital between 2006 and 2015, during which time he served as the hospital’s Medical Director. He has served on the UK General Medical Council’s Fitness to Practice/Professional Conduct Committees (2000-20005), the Parole Board for England & Wales (2002-2012), and is Visiting Senior Lecturer at the University of Ibadan, where he teaches both undergraduate students and resident doctors. Dr Akinkunmi is the author of several peer reviewed articles and book chapters in professional journals and books in the UK, USA and Nigeria. He published his first novel (Best Served Cold) in 2015, and is just about to publish his second book (Hubris: A Brief Political History of the Nigerian Army 1863-1999).

He has been a serving officer in the British Army for more than 25 years, and attended both the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Joint Services Command and Staff College. He has served in Infantry, Logistics, and Medical Units, and was a member of the Faculty of the Army Medical Services Training Centre. He served 2 tours of duty at the Army Officers Selection Board, and has just taken up the appointment of Chief Medical Officer (Reserves).

He took up his current role as Interim Medical Director at Baldock Manor Hospital in October 2017, and is also Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist on Radley Ward, the female Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit.


  • Dedicated psychiatric team with long-term experience of working with people requiring psychiatric intensive care.
  • Multidisciplinary team with experience of working with challenging patients, exhibiting aggression and those who self-harm.
  • We pride ourselves on our holistic approach, serving patients’ physical, mental, spiritual and cultural needs.
  • Dedicated physical healthcare nurse.
  • We have a comprehensive therapy service.

An innovative “Step down” recovery service for people with complex needs provided by a hospital in the heart of a welcoming community.

Baldock Rehabilitation Hospital Living Area
Baldock Rehabilitation Hospital Bedroom 2
Baldock Rehabilitation Hospital Bedroom
Baldock Manor Care Home Easter Baking

We admit both detained and informal patients to Baldock Manor and have the expertise to admit those who may also have forensic history.

New service opened December 2017

We opened a psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) for women in December 2017.

The PICU specialises in the assessment and comprehensive treatment of women with a broad spectrum of acute and enduring mental health needs. We provide care and treatment to inpatients who are experiencing the most intensive phase of a mental illness. Our aim is to manage and reduce the risks associated with acute episodes of mental illness and to move patients on to less restrictive settings as soon as it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Patient involvement

We encourage patients to get involved and have their say in the way the hospital is run. We have an active forum for patients and they can participate in our governance process, including the interviewing of new staff.

Family involvement

We encourage family members to be involved in their relative’s care plan and we work closely with the family to facilitate discharge. Family members have generally been very complimentary about the care their relatives receive at Baldock Manor Hospital.

Vocational and educational opportunities

Patients in our care have the opportunity to gain experience in a working environment, and we will always support those who wish to further their education. Examples include:

  • Working with our maintenance team
  • Working with our housekeepers
  • Voluntary work with local charity shops
  • Local college placements, with which we have good links, and in some cases leading to an apprenticeship.

Getting it ‘right’ from the start is our commitment to our patients

Understanding the experiences of our patients is key to our success. We acknowledge this by providing a ‘settlement fund’ to all new patients, to help make the transition with us easier. This provides them the opportunity to purchase personal effects, to help personalize their own space.

Baldock Manor is situated in the idyllic market town of Baldock in Hertfordshire. The location is close to a large supermarket, local shops and the Library.

  • Men and women aged 18 years and over with complex mental health needs.
  • Men aged 18 years and over with challenging behaviours who require high dependency and complex care.
  • Women aged 18 years and over in an acute psychiatric crisis who are at risk to themselves or others, and need a place of intensive support and safety.
  • Informal or detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)
  • May have a forensic history
  • May have a history of substance misuse
  • May be difficult to engage/motivate
  • May have a history of disengagement and non-adherence with traditional services
  • Physically fit or with disabilities
  • A range of psychological interventions
  • Talking therapies
  • Memory Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Reminiscent Therapy
  • Errorless Learning
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pharmacological Management
  • Group therapies including:
    • Substance Misuse Programme
    • Psychological & physical wellbeing
    • Arts therapy
    • Life skills
    • Occupational therapy

About Malcolm

Malcolm* is a 68 year old gentleman, born and brought up in Hertfordshire, who has worked sporadically in labouring jobs. He is married with two children.

Malcom has a history of treatment resistant schizophrenia. He has been living in psychiatric facilities for the last 20 years or so. He hears voices,
criticising him and telling him to harm other people.

Malcolm had been an inpatient in a low secure facility for 8 years and had become rather withdrawn and did not want to participate in any ward activities. He was also not eating regularly.

Coming to Baldock Manor

Within a few weeks of Malcolm arriving at Baldock Manor, he slowly settled down with support from his named nurse and the multidisciplinary team.

His medication was reviewed and over three months his voices became less. He engaged more with staff, managed his diet better and his general self-care improved.

When his care coordinator came to visit, she was surprised, and rather emotional, when he greeted her by name, and said he was pleased to see her. This was unknown to have happened before and was therefore a momentous occasion.

Malcolm has a variety of opportunities available to him, including working with a psychologist, personal trainer to help build his physical health and activity coordinators to work with him to participate in ward activities such as arts and crafts and music therapy.

In summary

The multi disciplinary approach at Baldock Manor, a medication review and working with the psychologist were important factors in facilitating his recovery.

Our personal trainer formulated an exercise programme for him which he is able to engage with and his mood seems better on account of this.


About Ronald

Ronald* is a 60 year old gentleman, with a history of dementia. Originally from Scotland, he moved to the East of England at the age of 18 and worked most of his life in factories.

For two years prior to admission he became increasingly confused and aggressive and was finally hospitalised and treated with anti-psychotic medication.

Coming to Baldock Manor

When he was admitted to Baldock Manor Hospital he was very stiff and, in our opinion, over medicated.

We slowly reduced his medication and his alertness improved, as did his mobility and after two months he was left with residual minor cognitive impairment.

He was investigated for his confusion and thought to have a urinary tract infection.

Moving on

After six months he had made significant improvement in his mobility and cognition and was discharged home, with support from the Community Mental Health Team.


* patients’ names have been changed to preserve anonymity.


Download our Baldock Manor brochure to find out more:


Download our Baldock Manor brochure to find out more: